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Wuyi Cliff Tea

One of China's great tea treasures, the environment in Wuyi produces tea like no other. Tea from this region is called "Cliff Tea" (yancha, 岩茶) because the old bushes grow in gardens among the rocks and cliffs. This is perhaps the original gongfu tea.

From $7.00

Half-Handmade Shui Xian

From $8.00

Half-Handmade Rou Gui

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Handmade Lao Cong Shui Xian

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Handmade "Hua Xiang" Rou Gui

From $15.00

Handmade Lao Jun Mei

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Handmade Bai Rui Xiang

From $20.00

Handmade Tie Luo Han

From $20.00

Handmade Bai Ji Guan

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Handmade Shui Jin Gui

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Handmade Bei Dou Yi Hao

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Aged Lao Cong Shui Xian

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Da Hong Pao - 2015