Shou Puerh

Shou (熟) puerh, often called "cooked", "ripe", or "black" puerh, is produced through a process called "wet-pile fermentation" (wo dui, 渥堆), which ferments the tea before being compressed. During this process, the tea is piled, moistened and then covered with thermal blankets to increase and maintain internal heat. The result is a dark, full-bodied brew with a relaxing energy.

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1978 Gao Ji

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2017 Lao Shu (357G)

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2012 Jing Zhi (357g)

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2003 Gong Ting

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Tangerine Puerh - Xiaoqingtang Tea

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1980s Meng Hai 8592

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1990s Shou Toucha