Anxi Tieguanyin

Master Chen Lianggu was born in 1965 and is a tea master in the truest sense of the word. From his home in Huaichan village, he saw tea terraces taking over Anxi as the price of Tieguanyin tea increased. In response, he decided to purchase three large tracts of forest in Anxi - Yun Zhong Shan, Xing Shi Shan and Bi Jia Shan - to protect them from continued human encroachment. These mountains are covered in wild tea trees (mainly Tieguanyin and Shui Xian varietals), many as old as 200-300 years.

Master Chen is recognised as a "Grandmaster" in the local tea industry and by the Chinese government. However, in spite of this recognition he is a humble and simple man who wants only to make healthy tea for his friends and protect the nature that he loves. His tea brand is called Ye Shi, which translates to "Care for the Wild" - which is exactly what he does. Master Chen also grows organic plantation tea, but his wild tea is his passion - which is processed similarly to traditional Tieguanyin (though the process has adapted to suit the larger leaves of wild trees).