Wuxing Shan Fang Studio

At Chanting Pines, we cherish the tradition and culture of tea brewing. In order bring you some of the finest modern examples of Zisha teaware, we have partnered with Wuxing Shan Fang Studio. We are committed to bringing you teapots and other brewing implements made of authentic aged zini (purple clay), widely considered to be the best material for enhancing the mouthfeel, Qi, colour, aroma and taste of tea.


Zhou Qi Kun (工艺美术师)

Master Zhou Qi Kun was an apprentice of Yang Qing Fang, who is one of the ten grandmasters of Yixing, and eventually became his top student. He has studied Qing and Ming dynasty pots for over twenty years in an effort to recreate the magical effect that those teapots have on tea. He is passionate about honing his craft and researching ore/clay production, teapot making and firing in terms of their effect on tea brewing.

Master Zhou has successfully created some of the best modern pots for tea brewing in existence


Chen Ju Fang ( )

Master Chen Ju Fang was born in 1964 and is the wife of Zhou Qi Kun. She works tirelessly making teapots at Wuxing Shan Fang Studio, specialising in making strong and sturdy Guang Hu and Zhu Hu teapots.


Masters Zhou and Chen are both members of the Chinese Industrial Art Society and Jiangsu Province Zisha Ceramics Arts and Crafts Society, where they regularly participate in meetings and research.