Wuyi Cliff Tea

All of our Cliff Tea comes from the Huang family of Rui Quan and is zhengyan (正岩), which means "true Cliff Tea”. The tea made by the Huangs represents some of the finest examples of Cliff Tea you will find for a number of reasons:


The Trees: First, Rui Quan tea is special because of the trees. All of their tea is zhengyan - from trees within the Wuyi National Scenic Area. This region has the perfect climate for tea - the mist in this region creates the perfect humidity, the loose soil creates the perfect drainage, and the protection of the cliffs creates a stable environment by absorbing heat during the day and releasing heat during the evening.

Handcrafted: As demand for Wuyi teas have grown, many families in Wuyi have purchased modern machinery to help them produce more tea, making the process quicker and more efficient. However, the Huangs began increasing their production of handmade tea every year in order maintain the skill of handcrafting Cliff Tea. Now they are the only family in Wuyi producing large quantities of fully hand-processed Cliff Tea.

Made in the Park: Rui Quan has government leases for around fifty acres of some of the best tea gardens in the Wuyi National Scenic Area - all with heirloom trees, many of which are centuries old.  The Huangs are the only family producing their tea inside the park itself.

The Philosophy: The Huangs made a decision very early to bear any costs necessary to produce all their tea sustainably. "We decided that if the tea was better for the people and the land we love, then it was worth the extra effort. We knew other people would care the way we do and pay a bit more for finer tea."

The Lineage: Rui Quan teas have been produced for more than three hundred years, though they officially branded the name in 2003. Huang Sheng Hui is the 12th generation in a line of master tea producers.


The Huangs' tea is at the pinnacle of the most refined teas on Earth