At Chanting Pines, we know that the raw materials matter. Our teapots are made from pure aged zini (purple clay); they contain no chemical additives or materials from other sources. Raw purple clay ore is processed by the skilled artisans at Wuxing Shan Fang using traditional methods that are closely guarded trade secrets.

After processing, the raw materials are left in moist cellars to age; the longer the clay is allowed to age, the “older” it becomes. Products made with old purple clay have excellent permeability and colour, with a delicate feel.  Well-seasoned teapots and brewing implements have a lustre reminiscent of ancient times -- graceful and jade-like with an unadorned beauty.

Thanks to the pure, fine texture of the raw materials and the meticulous processing methods, tea brewed with these teapots loses nothing of its original aroma and flavour. In addition, there is an aged mellowness evocative of teapots of the Ming, Qing and the Republic Eras.

All yixing teaware is unique, handmade and individual works of art so colour and size may vary slightly!