Chanting Pines has five teapot collections - Diamond, Jade, Gold, Silver and Bronze - which employ different grades of premium raw materials. Teapots made from these materials not only preserve the original flavour and aroma of the tea, they keep the flavour longer and allow the aroma to develop through the infusions. With their simple aesthetics and classic appearance, these teapots and brewing implements stand apart from others available in the market.

The grading system represents the effect on the tea liquor in comparison to older antique teapots. These pots demonstrate similarities to Qing and Ming dynasty pots of the corresponding age range.


Bronze - 90 - 120 year old teapots

Silver - 120 - 150 year old teapots
Gold - 150 - 200 year old teapots
Jade - 150 - 200 year old teapots
Diamond - 200 - 250 year old teapots